ICI AU LOIN - Photo Exhibition in LAUZERTE, August 8-14, 2013

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Together with Photographer CHRIS COLLISTER I will be exhibiting at "la Médiathèque de Lauzerte from August 8-14. See opening hours on the poster. The exhibition is entirely in BLACK AND WHITE!

My part will be concentrating on ISTANBUL:

City of two continents, with a mixture of cultures and influences from both sides of the Bosphorus. A city with a history of more than two thousands years, and yet moving with giant steps towards an exciting future.

Inspired by the Turkish Magnum photographer, ARA GÜLER, who since the fifties and up till the nineties walked the streets of Istanbul photographing the daily life of Istanbul and its inhabitants, in B/W of course, I wanted to find out whether that special Istanbul atmosphere, so present in his images, was still there. I visited Istanbul several times in 2012 and 2013, and I walked the streets of the old quarters of Fatih, Eyüp, Çukurcuma, Galata, Üsküdar, Istinye, strolled along the banks of the Bosporus, went to the fashionable Istaklal, to Bebek, took the ferry to the Asian side.

From the beginning it was obvious for me to work the photos in B/W, maybe as a tribute to Ara Güler. Yes, times have changed; no more horse-drawn carriages, no more coal smoke from the Bosphorus ferries. Nevertheless, Istanbul is still different from any other city: A blend of ancient and modern, eastern and western, melancholy and energy.