Your latest exhibit

I had a sneak preview of your show the morning before, because I couldn't go to the opening; was I ever impressed! To put it another way, I was stunned. Now, I have seen countless pictures of Venice, as have so many people, however, I can assure you that I have never seen the likes of these fantastic photographs. They are not only terribly evocative of the city, they seem to get to the very essence of Venice, without all the bangles and bunting that often are so represented in paintings and photos. They are remarkable in their originality as well, I don't know how you made them, but I imagine with your trusty Leicas as usual...and how you did a double image with a digital camera absolutely defeats me! Bravo, Nina, this exhibit is another example that demonstrates what an excellent eye you have; keep it up, I am sure you have other ideas for a future exhibition and I look forward to that one as well. I will be going back this coming week to show Michelle, seeing it again will be a treat for me all over again.

Warm best wishes and congratulations,

Peter B Martin

current expo (Lion d'Or)

I've followed your work in PhotoViva for several years, noting theb/w photo-essay on my neighbour, Mme Blondiniere de Fargues. The expo on Venice /Istanbul is superb: the images bleached of colour look like the most exquisite pen-and-ink drawings; the 'perceptions' on the opposite wall fooled my eyes/brain into trying to focus the images: I couldn't live with these but I do admire them. Chapeau!!!


Overrasket over livet og imponeret over kvaliteten.

Dine fotos

Hej Nina,
Jeg kan slet ikke lade være med at fortælle Dig, at jeg har nydt at se alle Dine pragtfulde optagelser !!!
Hjertelige hilsener fra Annette Runovs kusine Margit
Margit Roskjaer


Le site est très agréable, aéré et facile pour y aller d'un sujet à l'autre. Et surtout on y voit des photos faites avec un vrai regard, attentif aux instants, aux cadrages, aux lumières. Bref... Bravo!
Béatrice Bonneau

Hilsen fra Mette

Kære Nina
Hvor er det bare nogle smukke billeder - så forskellige, så meget nærvær og tilstedeværelse lige der hvor mennesker er.
En fornøjelse.
Mette Peetz-Schou


Félicitations pour les très belles photos que je découvre sur ton site et que je n'avais pas le plaisir de connaître jusqu'alors. Bravo pour la sobriété et l'accès facile aux différentes rubriques du site lui même.
Le mien est en cours...
Bien à toi
Bonneau Béatrice

new and improved website


Wonderful work as usual. Always growing, changing, adding. Continuez!
Susan and Werner Ludmer-Gliebe

Nu har man set det med :-)

Smukt, kære Nina - vi er meget beæret over at være repræsenteret i dine flotte fotoserier. Du har virkelig sans for at fange nuet.
Anders Lerwick Theisen


Hi Nina, love your site, enjoyed visiting it tremendously.
Hope to see you soon.
Marijke van Sas


Hi Nina,

I think your photos look great - a super selection. Especially love your local images and your African portraits. Well done.
Belinda Berry


Hello Nina, thanks for sending the link of your website!!! Beautifully done. Clear, sharp easy to use!!!
love wilbert and maria
wilbert van der post


great collection! Well done! As of course I expected it to be!

PS. I think it would be better if the guestbook fonts were not bold...


Ser super ud - held og lykke
Lars Robenhagen